Quality Control Tips For Growing Restaurants

If you find your restaurant growing at leaps and bounds, you may find that it becomes difficult to keep the same quality in your food as you deal with a much higher than usual demand for your services. Here are some steps to follow to ensure that your food quality doesn't suffer. 

Hire a Food Service Manager

Food service management services, such as that provided by companies like New Horizon Foods, are your first stop. These professionals can advise you on the ins and outs of successfully providing high quality food. Their approach is scientific, meaning that they may collect data in a number of ways before providing reporting and suggestions to you on how to improve your business. Customer surveys, field observations, and data analysis are all ways that they can analyze your restaurant to find room for improvement. 

Analyze Your Food Use

One thing that may make it hard to manage growth is knowing what inventory to have on hand. If you see a huge spike in demand for one ingredient, you might not have enough to truly do each dish right. But if you up your quantities of ingredients based on what happened last week, you might not see that sustained growth in demand that you were looking for. When food waste occurs, your budget suffers, and so does the quality of your food in the end. Food service consultants solve this problem by doing deep analysis of your food inventory and usage over a period of time. They can predict with confidence how much of each item in your inventory will be needed. 

Don't Slack on Hiring

Putting effort into your hiring will be critical at this time. The new people you hire can change the direction of your business as it becomes more popular, because the business will inevitably be a little bit different with each new staff member. Food service consultants can handle hiring of employees which should include thorough background and experience vetting. 

Ask for Customer Feedback

If your restaurant is growing and changing quickly, you might be dealing with a lot of new staff. The preparation of dishes can change, for better or worse. Have your food service consultant do surveys to see how customers are actually reacting to the changing quality of your food. You might offer a promotion for customers who take the survey. That data can point you to areas where your restaurant needs to focus as it continues to grow.