Tips For Having Food Catered At Your Party

If you're hosting a large party, you have many details to attend to. One of those is deciding on the menu and preparing food. The easiest option is to use a catering service, like Urban's, so the food arrives ready to serve. Still, you'll need to choose the menu and how to serve the food. Here are a few tips for dealing with the food at your event.

Require An RSVP

You need to know how many people will attend so you can arrange for the appropriate number of dining tables and chairs. This also helps establish the amount of food you need to order. You can determine your menu and then let the caterer know how many people will attend. The caterer uses that information to figure out the right amount of food to deliver and allow for extra portions to ensure there is enough for unexpected guests.

Ask About Special Diets

When you send invitations, ask if there are special diet requests. You might have a guest who doesn't eat gluten and another that is vegan. Your caterer can prepare individual meals for them. You'll also want to know the ages of children attending so you can provide enough child-friendly meals. In addition to special diets, you may want to ask about preferences if you plan to serve a varied menu. Some may prefer meat while others may prefer seafood. This helps you split your order so you know how much of each type of food you'll need.

Decide If You'll Serve A Buffet

If you're going to serve food from a buffet, you may want to order a lot of finger foods and foods that continue to look appetizing after it has been sitting out for a while. Depending on the nature of your party, you may get by with snacks and sandwiches. Picking up finger foods makes the line move faster and makes serving easier. Plus, there will be fewer spills and messes to clean up. The other option is to serve food family-style. This could be the best option if you plan to serve a dinner meal with sides. Serving the food at the tables in large bowls creates a friendlier atmosphere, and it prevents people from walking around with plates full of food.

Set Up Drink Stands

If you expect a large number of people, you may want to place multiple beverage tables around the room so no long lines develop at the drink dispensers. You'll want to provide different options in beverages including water. It will probably be less expensive to go with tea or lemonade rather than soft drinks. Coffee could be another good choice especially if you'll have a dessert table too.

Your catering service may have menus planned in advance that makes your job much easier. This provides you with specific food and beverage choices that you can order based on the number of people attending. Whether you create your own menu or one designed by the caterer, be sure you understand what is included and if you need to provide glasses, silverware, serving spoons, and plates. Your caterer may supply everything you need including servers and a cleanup crew so you get as much help as you need feeding your party guests.