Three Benefits To Using Hamburger Moulder Equipment In Your Small Restaurant Business

As an owner and operator of a small restaurant business, you have limited options for your menu. You simply don't have the resources to do many of the things you see in the restaurant business. However, if you offer hamburgers on your menu, you can take advantage of using a hamburger moulder machine to realize many of the benefits a larger restaurant operation has. The following are a few of the advantages of using this type of equipment.

They help to control costs

The problem with ground beef is that it is often difficult to use the same portion for each patty, and this makes it difficult to control the cost of each patty used for a hamburger. When you are using moulder equipment, you can use an exact portion of ground beef for each patty, so you know what your costs are. And this type of equipment can control portion sizes of ground beef used in a variety of recipes. Meatballs are one example of this.

They bring uniformity to your hamburger patties

If you attempt to make your patties by hand, they will never look the same from one hamburger to the next, no matter how much experience you have at making these patties. Your other alternative is purchasing pre-made, frozen patties, but when you do this, you need to thaw them before cooking. And you are limited in how many options you have for seasoning without working the ground beef patties with your hands. Of course, if you do this, you have lost the uniformity of the patty, which is the one advantage to a frozen patty.

You can offer a variety of seasoned burgers with a professional look

With this type of machine, you can offer gourmet burgers. It doesn't matter how small of a retail business you operate. A food truck, for example, can offer gourmet burgers. It is only a matter of finding the right recipes. You can work the flavors into the ground beef and then use your moulder equipment to form the patties. These can then be taken out to a location for preparation, or used in a stand-alone restaurant. You can make them for today or tomorrow's use, or you can freeze them for future use.

Running a small restaurant has its share of challenges. One of these challenges is offering the best menu possible with limited resources. But if you use ground beef in your recipes, especially burgers, you should consider using hamburger moulder equipment. You will be able to offer uniform patties while having the ability to season your meat in a variety of ways before cooking, and you will be able to control your ground beef costs.