Three Margarita Variations For You To Try

A traditional margarita is one of the simplest mixed drinks you can order. Lime juice, orange liqueur, simple syrup, and tequila are the four main ingredients that make up this drink. People enjoy sipping margaritas in all sorts of scenarios. This can be a refreshing drink to enjoy while eating tacos at a Mexican restaurant, during a night out with friends, or poolside at a resort. While you can drink traditional margaritas for years and enjoy them, it can occasionally be fun to try a variation of this beverage — particularly if the place you visit features several variations on its menu. Here are three drinks to try.

Fruit Margarita

While the lime juice in a traditional margarita gives it somewhat of a fruity flavor, there are people who want a version of this drink that offers more fruit. There are lots of margarita variations that focus on different fruits. For example, a strawberry margarita features the drink's standard ingredients but also has fresh, pureed strawberries that are added to the mix. A passion fruit margarita is another popular variation for those who enjoy the taste of this fruit. These variations are often sweeter than a traditional margarita, which is appealing to those who have a sweet tooth.

Frozen Margarita

When the weather is hot and sunny, a frozen margarita can be an appealing variation of this drink to try. These beverages are common at resorts, restaurants, and bars that have patios. If you find yourself sitting in the sun and feel that a traditional drink won't do enough to cool you down or keep you cool, you may want to reach for a frozen drink. This variation features the standard margarita ingredients but combines them with a sizable amount of shaved ice.

Skinny Margarita

You'll also see skinny margaritas on the menus of many establishments. This term simply describes a beverage that is lower in calories, thus making it a better choice for those who are watching their calorie intake. Different establishments make their skinny margaritas in slightly different ways, but there are a few common approaches. Some use orange juice instead of orange liqueur, as the former is lower in calories than the latter, while others simply use a smaller volume of simple syrup, which will reduce the sugar and thus the calories. Consider ordering one of these popular margarita variations during your next night out with some friends.

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