From Beginner To Pro: How To Make The Most Of Your First Wine Tasting Experience

Wine tasting is a favorite activity for many people and for good reason. Not only is it a fun and relaxing event for groups to participate in, but it can also be the perfect solo outing if you need to get away from it all for a few hours. Following a few tips before you head out on your first wine tasting adventure will help you get the most out of the experience.

Dress for comfort

You should wear casual and comfortable clothing when you attend a wine tasting event at a vineyard. Avoid wearing heels or any shoe that makes walking outdoors difficult. You will also want to check the weather to see if you will need a light jacket or sweater for your visit.

Beware of having an empty stomach

It is a good idea to eat a small and light meal prior to attending a wine tasting event. Tasting wine on an empty stomach can cause you to feel nauseous or get a little tipsy, especially if you are sampling a lot of wine. Stay well hydrated by drinking water throughout the day to avoid getting a headache.

Take notes

You will likely want to take a bottle or two of wine home with you at the end of the day. Taking notes as you taste each wine will help you keep track of which ones are your favorite. It is also fun to compare your notes with your friends at the end of the event.

It is okay not to like a wine

You will not like every wine and should not expect to. In fact, it is perfectly fine to spit out any of the wines you do not enjoy, and most wineries supply spittoons for this purpose. Being a good critic is part of the fun, but always keep your comments respectful.

Proper tasting etiquette

Wine glasses should always be held by the stem and not the bowl. Placing your hand on the bowl of the glass can change the temperature of the wine. Use your sense of smell and swish the wine around the glass prior to smelling to enhance the scent of the wine.

Once you see how much fun it is to visit a vineyard and sample the various wines, you will already be planning your next wine tasting trip. Wine tasting requires little planning and there is something peaceful about visiting a vineyard to learn about its wine and taste the various products before you purchase. In no time at all, you will feel like a wine tasting pro.

Contact a professional to learn more about wine tasting.