Two Barbecue Chicken Recipes For Your Catering Menu

Chicken is a versatile crowd pleaser, and it definitely deserves a spot on your catering menu. In fact, it's nice to offer a variety of different chicken recipes so your customers can choose one that appeals to their tastes. Here are two delicious, easy to prepare chicken recipes to consider adding to your catering menu. Each makes enough to serve 20, but you can easily double or triple the recipes for a larger order.

Problems With The Self-Cleaning Oven—How It's Supposed To Work So Your Oven Lasts

If you've had problems with your oven's self-cleaning cycle, you're not alone. Many consumers report multiple issues, from melted racks all the way to the oven not working at all afterwards. There are a few hidden obstacles to cleaning your oven, but they're pretty easy to overcome if you know what to do and what not to do. Here's how to use the self-cleaning feature the right way so that your oven lasts for years to come.